Q1. During this Smog reason, what are the basic tips with which we can protect our skin?

Pollution causes clogging of pores which speeds up ageing and skin problems. The best way to protect your skin is to clean properly. Use targeted gentle cleansers to remove skin surface buildup and purifies the pores. Dual cleansing is best suited in case of make up. Use micellar water to remove makeup and use gentle cleaner.To defy pollution use serums rich in L-Absorbic acid and other anti-oxidants like Vitamin E which helps in building skin defence system.

Q2. Which facial mask is recommended to protect our skin for this reason?

Face masks infused with charcoal for detox work wonderfully in refining the skin. Also, turmeric and yoghurt are good actives. Sheet masks are another great option to protect and also replenish your facial skin. Antioxidants like vitamin c and E can give extra boost for skin glow.

Q3. There are misconceptions that cosmetic dermatology destroys skin, can you please elaborate?

Not true! On this misconception, my key message would be that there are gaps in the public understanding of the profession, of dermatologists and cosmetic dermatologists expertise and what we spend the majority of our time doing, and I think there can be educational efforts thereto close the gap.

Q4. Many people avoid visiting dermatologists thinking, herbal products are better off. What do u think?

Herbal products are great to use but then we can’t expect miracles from them. They work great for prevention and nourishing but can’t give treatment or clinic-based results. Many times herbal products can also irritate and cause adverse reactions.

Q5. What are the basic requirements for every girl to keep in her bag for a healthy skin?

  • Face cleansing wipes
  • Sunblock SPF30 with a tint
  • Lip balm with SPF 15
  • Face Mist
  • Water bottle  

Q6. What should be avoided in food to the face glow intact?

Fried and junk foods,alcohol play a havoc on skin.

  • Sugar: increases insulin production in the body which in turn causes excess oil and sebum production. It fastens aging and cause acne.
  • Salt: causes water retention thus causing eye bags and swelling
  • Saturated fats: present in red meats and junk foods causes inflammation in the skin and thus causing excess oil production
  • Dairy products: like cheese, milk etc has high levels of hormones which can cause acne and clogged pores

7. How important is it to visit a dermatologist?

A dermatologist helps you to know the skin type and choose products suited for skin type efficiently. Treat problems like acne blemishes sunspots at an early stage to avoid aggressive treatments later on