1. DO NOT walk barefoot. Avoid walking barefoot in hot summer to climb the steps at religious and other places.

2. INSPECT the feet daily forblisters, wounds, bleeding, smell, increased temperature at pressure points offeet and edema.

3. DO NOT apply hot fomentation/ cold compresses / electric heating pads / strong counter irritant ointmentsto legs and feet.

4. USE correct footwear. Chooseyour footwear after consulting your doctor. Always wear footwear with socks with loose elastic.

5. DO NOT walk bearing weighton an affected / ulcerated foot or after surgery.

6. DO NOT sit cross-legged forlong time.

7. DO NOT remove foot wearduring travel and place your feet on any hot surface. This can cause burns.

8. CUT the nails regularly,trimmed square.

9. DO NOT cut corns / calluseswith a blade or a knife. Home surgery is dangerous.

10. CLEAN the feet twice a day with soap and water. Wipe the web spaces dry and apply softening agent to feet.Do not use the Pumis Stone.

11. Theeleventh commandment (if you can help it ) DO NOT AMPUTATE           


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