Medical examination is performed in all system of medicine; the only difference is that the method employed may vary from system to system. Some gives importance to symptoms which appear after disease has in, while some stress on the patient’s mental state his way of living, eating habits, his likes/dislike sand also the troublesome symptoms he suffers. In Allopathic system of medicine examination facilitates diagnosis of a disease, whereas in Homeopathy medical examination is helps to diagnose the remedy and diced its potency.

According to the principal of homeopathy, In chronic and recurrent illnesses Ideal Cure can not be possible on the bases of one or two symptoms of the disease.

The ideal cure is one, which is fast; effective (gentle) and permanent .The distressful symptoms of the patient must be alleviated quickly since the patient is fedup of his illness. That’s why he wants to be cured as soon as possible. But if these symptoms vanish temporarily and appear again and again it can not be termed as permanent cure (Ideal Cure), no matter in whichever system of medicine they may thy belong.

Todays, fast era of life effective medicines are being used widely because of rapid recovery from the illnesses seen, even though they have some side effects. For becoming free from Disease, there must be definite method and rules, which base on specific principles.

Ideal cure is exactly applicable to Homeopathy and for which you should have give complete detail about the illness and about your self as –

Since when do you have the illness? How it starts? When do the symptom increase/Decrease? When and how you feel better? Simultaneously you must also detail yore mental state e.g. Do you get stressed up quickly? Do different thoughts constantly enter your mind? Do you always do thing in a hurry? Do you get Nervous easily? Do you have plenty of friends or not? Do you get Dreams? What is the nature of these dream- does it fearful Reveres Mountains, Gardens, Animals, Dead bodes etc. It is essential to specify these also since they relate closely to ones mental state. In Homeopathy the patient‘s mental state is given more importance during Homeopathic Case Taking

In today’s

Jet-age, each person has adopted a false front. A mask which covers ones real feelings. A s a result it is common to see insincerity in Laughter, Tears and even concern shown for others and one’s suppressed feelings can not find a proper outlet .In this condition our repress Emotions makes disharmonious state and expresses out in various symptoms this state if single presetting symptom is treated, neglecting the mental state that generated them, then the disease is not cured completely and it may bloat in to a chronic disease. During the interrogation a Homeopathic Doctor try to find unresolved conflict, assist the basic personality of the patient and try to resole the the conflate by Psychotherapy.

After detailing one’s Mental State, it is also important to give information regarding all illness one suffered right since childhood up to the present time. Similarly it is essential to tell about on’s habits also like wise it is also necessary to state whether near relative have/had any major illness.

On the basis of compete present symptom past & family history and the mental state, a genius can also predict future illnesses.

The selection of drug its potency and repetition of dose is base on the collected information of the patient. Hence it is Homeopath essential to give an honest and detailed information about your disease and about you.

In case any Homeopathic doctor gives treatment without asking about these necessary detail, then it will not according to the true Homeopathic principle, instead it will be based on external symptoms only and will like wise give temporary relief, not a permanent cure

For complete cure, it is extremely essential to give all detail about you and your disease.