1.He listens to your complaints properly and not just starts writing prescription before you explain your problem.

2.He examines you properly and explains about examination and importance of particular examination.

3.Explains about probable causes of your complaints and investigations needed and importance of each investigation 

4.He explains you about your disease,preventive,dietary,rehabilitative and treatment(conservative or operative)aspects and pros and cons of each

5.Let us come to point. if your report shows severely deficient vitamin D level or severely deficient vitamin B12 level. Did your doctor explain you about importance of vitamin D in body. Did your doc tell you how important vitamin B12 is. You have chronic backache did your doc tell you about proper posture,precautions needed, exercises regime if not then you are not at right place.

ok I will explain vitamin D deficiency; it is rampant in modern society. Diabetes, depression, cancer eg breast cancer, weakening of bones, decreased immunity, inflammation of small vessels which could lead to even cardiac arrest, all these are related to vitamin D deficiency. Did your doctor made you understand how important vitamin D is if you have been diagnosed with deficiency of vitamin D. Did your doc explain you role of vitamin B12 supplementation especially if you are a vegetarian.

6.Doctors just treat, healing is by God. We just follow principles of treatment and lord heals. Good doctor listens, explains, makes you comfortable so that you could explain your problem properly, not just writes prescription or asks for surgery but makes you sure that you are at right place. takes fee and blessings too.makes you feel why our elders used to call medical profession a noble profession.