Wedding is one of the major decisions of our life. We all want this particular event to be spectacular in all aspects be it food or our looks, everything should be perfect! But in today’s fast-paced lifestyle we seldom find time for self-care and eventually become careless with our body. 

We unknowingly stop intake of good nutritious food. We usually stuff ourselves up with junk food. Our working schedules are messed up. Our sleep cycle is imbalanced. This causes body stress which might lead to a bloating or gradual increase in weight. 

You don’t realize that you’re continuously degrading the metabolism of your body. But just before the wedding, a bell starts ringing in your brain. The day your marriage date is fixed, your heart fills up with a lot of questions. 

Can I reduce my weight safely and quickly and be my old self by the time of the wedding ceremony? Are there any side effects of this? Am I even eligible for this weight loss program? Will I be able to fit this into my busy schedule? Is it going to be expensive? Will the doctor be understanding? 

Fortunately, we have answers to all of your questions here - a customised diet plan.

The ace in this kind of diet plan is the proper diagnosis. After diagnosis, you will be provided with a custom made diet plan for yourself. 

Your choices, the time needed and lifestyle will be taken into account. The plans are very simple to follow and very easy on the pocket as well. Stick to the plan and you will be ready for the perfect marriage look in a few weeks. Also, you need to keep few tips given below in mind.

Avoid Junk Food

Avoid eating outside food as they might contain unhealthy oils. Even if you’ve to eat outside try to have salads and low carb food items. You will be provided with the details of suitable food items in your diet plan.

Walk Whenever and Wherever You Can

Walking doesn’t need a lot of effort but is the simplest way to make your body sweat. Stop taking all those cabs for small distances. Get out and walk a little.

Have home-cooked healthy food

Keep the oil quantity to a minimum. Use lots of green vegetables in the diet. Include freshly squeezed juices in the diet. Don’t consume packaged juices. They have high levels of sugar content.

Try to keep tension/stress in check

Stress causes people to go on food binges. Keeping stress free life means fewer food binges.

Try to get a grip on sugar cravings

Stop having sweets and candies. You might have dark chocolate in the prescribed quantity by the doctor.

Have small meals

Have small meals at the gap of a few hours so that it makes you feel full and you don’t end up overeating. Start using small plates and forks to eat. This controls the quantity and makes you feel satisfied that you ate the required portion.

Maintain an eight hours sleep cycle

Early to bed and early to rising actually is very beneficial. This will help your body to flush out toxins effectively.

Try to practice meditation or yoga 

This calms the mind and increases focus on work and life. It also creates a positive environment.

Plan light workout sessions 

You need to do cardio exercises to start reducing the fat. It will also improve the stamina strength of the body. In a few days, you would start feeling confident. It creates a great positive vibe in life.

Increase the intake of healthy fats

You can have cheese, avocado oil, coconut oil, peanut butter, etc.

Consume Proteins

Try consuming more protein because protein makes you feel full. It stays in the body for a long time. It is very helpful in weight management.

Have Healthy Snacks

Have healthy snacks like pea, dry fruits, and vegetable/fruit salad. This will give energy to your body and help in weight management too.

Start taking Green Tea

Start having a cup of green tea twice a day. Green tea is beneficial to curb hunger. It also is good to flush out toxins.