There is no denying that the greatest killer of our times is Sugar. It is killing more people then Alcohol and Smoking combined together but still the awareness about it being a lethal killer is very low. India is the Diabetes capital of the world and incidentally is the largest consumer of Sugar and Carbohydrates. Sugar is turning out to be a major source of Illness across the Globe. The largest type of food that is consumed across the globe now is the Carbohydrate Rich food. Carbs are rich in Sugar. 

Junk Food and Fruit Juice are Killers

  • Tip Number 1 

Be wary of Junk Food and the Fruit Juice. These 2 have to be reduced to bare minimum. In Metros sugar is reaching our bodies mainly through Junk Food.  A lot of people are now having meals outside their homes i.e. in Restaurants and Eating joints. The more developed a place becomes financially the more eating joints open around such place. One junk meal of this kind carries twice the amount of daily requirement of Sugar. On an average, the daily sugar requirement for an active female and male is around 35-45 Gms per day.  For your information, 350 ml of Apple Juice contains 10 Table Spoons of Sugar which is around 45 Gms of sugar. So if you had 350 ml of Juice then throughout the day you are not supposed to consume any Carbohydrate or any other form of Sugar for the entire day.  

The Dopamine Connection 
  • Tip Number 2 

Then there are people who have a Sweet tooth or you can say that they are Sugar Addicts. Every time anyone eats sugar the brain responds by releasing Dopamine. Dopamine gives us the feeling of pleasure. The higher is the sugar intake higher is the Dopamine release in Brain. It's a Vicious cycle. Dopamine gives you a high; a feeling of Euphoria. Its a state of bliss. Imagine feeling bliss and Great Mood without doing anything; just by eating Sugar. There are many sources of Dopamine other than Sugar. Instead of using sugar as a source of Dopamine engage in Creative work, eat Dark Sugarless Chocolate, Listen to Music, Meditate, Be more social, Ger Sun exposure, Try Green Tea, Nuts, Eat dark leafy vegetables etc. Even exercise is beneficial and will help.  

Introduce Good Reward System in your home
  • Tip Number 3 

As Children when we are growing we are rewarded with Candies and our Birthdays are celebrated with Cakes and Pastries. This is the way the seeds of sugar craving are sown in us and then we do the same with our children. The reward for doing good and special days is Sugar. Change these habits, Instead make the marriage Anniversaries and Birthdays about good Clothes, Music, Dance and Healthy food and maybe Fun activities. Reward your children in a different manner other than ice creams and Food Treats. Make a solid foundation of low sugar in their lives. 

Sugar Effects you should know
  • Tip Number 4

Read about the negatives effects of Diabetes and the Risks you are exposing yourself to and your children. This reading will help you understand the grave dangers of Sugar. May help you become more determined and disciplined about sugar consumption. Do you want to become Obese, have dental Cavities, Look older then you are, increase the risk of stroke, inflammation, poor Quality skin, Develop PCOD/PCOS, Have Hormonal Disturbance if you are a Female? Probably Not

Go for Sugar Detox
  • Tip Number 5 

Gradually reduce your sugar intake every day, If you are eating 70 Gms a day your target should be around 30-35 gs per day.  Go for a Sugar Detox plan immediately. The First step is to find out the High sugar components of your diet and replace those with natural sugars and low sugar substitutes, Initially, you will feel withdrawal symptoms -Nausea, Headache, Fatigue etc. Don't worry. The way you fight these symptoms is by keeping yourself hydrated, more work out and eating low sugar fruits. Your body has the power of adjusting to the new habit. No pain no gain. Follow a Sugar Detox plan suggested by a Doctor, Health Coach and a wellness expert. Its all in the mind, You can Do it yourself (DIY) too. All it needs is strong will and Determination. 

Dr Neha Gera recommends Sugar Detox programs to People who cannot control their sugar craving on their own. Most of the Female problems such as PCOD/PCOS, Facial Hair, Poor Quality skin are due to excessive consumption of Sugar. She recommends Optimum Sugar quantity and a High exercise Regime to Girls and Women having these problems.  

"If you will eat More Sugar then Sugar will Eat you".