The whole world is going through a lot of change right now. The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has disrupted our lives in many ways. While there are a lot of things we can’t do, we can still take care of our health.

Here is a few tips for keeping our teeth healthy during this pandemic.

1. Wash Your Hands - The first & the last rule!

  •  Always wash with soap and water or alcohol-based sanitizer before and after any personal dental care.
  • World Health Organisation (WH0) recommends that the minimum washing time for soap and water is 40 -60 seconds and for alcohol-based sanitizer its 40-60 seconds.

2. Brush at least twice a day

  • Try to brush after each major meal.
  •  Be sure to get those hard-to-reach spots on the back tooth region.

3. Use Dental loss

  • Dental floss helps remove bacteria and plaque in places where brush can’t reach.
  • Especially in between teeth.

4. Limit sugary beverages and food

  •  limit sticky, sugary snacks like cake and cookies,frequent snacking increases your risk of cavities
  •  drink plenty of  water after  meals.

5. Mouth Rinse

  • Rinse your mouth with lukewarm  saline water to cleanse your tooth.
  • Commercially available mouthwashes can also be used.
  • These helps to prevent accumulation of plaque.

During this coronavirus outbreak, everyone is advised to stay at home keep safe. These tips might be helpful to keep your mouth healthy.