If you’re going to be expecting a child in the next nine months, during your three trimesters, it’s critical to train your body to stand, walk, sit and lie in a way that won’t strain your back. This is the first of a four-part series that highlights the steps you should take to keep good posture during your pregnancy. 

Today, we’ll show you the correct ways of standing while you’re expecting a child.

What Is the Correct Way to Stand During Pregnancy?

  • Hold your head up straight with your chin in. Do not tilt your head forward, backward, down or sideways.
  • Make sure your ear lobes are in line with the middle of your shoulders.
  • Keep your shoulder blades back and your chest forward.
  • Keep your knees straight, but not locked.
  • Stretch the top of your head toward the ceiling.
  • Pull your stomach in and up (as much as possible!). Do not tilt your pelvis forward or backward. Keep your buttocks tucked in.
  • Point your feet in the same direction, with your weight balanced evenly on both feet. The arches of your feet should be supported with low-heeled (but not flat) shoes to prevent stress on your back.
  • Avoid standing in the same position for a long time.