The treatment of Diabetes is not that simple. There are many classes of Diabetic Drugs. It depends on extent of Diabetes and complications to decide medicine for the Diabetic person. Dosages are also decided upon depending on your acute and chronic sugar levels, fasting sugar levels, post prandial sugar levels, urine sugar levels , urine MICROALBUMIN levels, urea and creatinine levels. So , a complete Diabetic profile needs to be done to reach for the best drugs and proper dosages.Here is the list of Tests, please get them done and follow up with me. I will do the best and give you a proper treatment.

1. HBA1C.

2. Lipid Profile.

3. Sugar - Fasting and PP.

4. Urine - Routine and MICROSCOPY.


6. Urea and Creatinine.

7. Ultrasound KUB.

8. Insulin Fasting and PP.