Get gadget savvy

Say hello to technology! You can now download your favorite fitness app and tracking tools onto your phone to stay abreast with your exercise schedule even on the move. 

Rope in a diet buddy

Hang out with larger than life friends who think alike and can motivate. The company of another fitness enthusiast will ensure that you stay consistent with your workouts. 

Love it everyday

Don't make exercise a chore. To stay on track, do something you absolutely love. Take a hip-hop dance class or get familiar with power yoga - anything that will keep you happy and riveted. 

Get selfish

More so, if you are a woman. Absolutely insist on your exercise 'me time'. The world will automatically adjust to your new schedule. 

Mix it up

Bust that exercise plateau by juggling with 2-3 different routines. No need to reinvent an exercise program every week, just mix things up. It will make your workout exciting as hell. 

Move to the beat

Get fired up with some peppy music that will surely keep the adrenaline boosted. Working out to music is a great way of staying focused on the task at hand. 

Don't slave-drive yourself

Ditch the boot camp pace and know your limits for an injury-free experience. Pushing too far can lead to muscle injuries and pulls. 

Pat yourself on the back

Gone a month without chucking the routine? Pat yourself for a job well done. You've definitely earned it, so go treat yourself to something you've had your eyes on for quite a while. Get connected with the best Nutritionist. Carving out a tailor-made program just for you will keep the motivation quotient up and will make you brim with confidence. The exercise high that you get at the end of it will keep you going back for more. So what are you waiting for?