You must have admired the lips of Angelina and wished that you too had such luscious lips. But regardless of how much you wish for beautiful healthy lips, most of you would have to agree to the fact that you do not invest even a fraction of your time in caring for your lips.While it does not take much to get healthy, luscious lips, nevertheless your lips too need a little care.

Given below are some ways that you should take care of your pouts to make them fabulously kissable and keep them soft as well as pink.

  • This is one tip that would not even take you any extra time. While brushing your teeth every morning just, use the brush to gently scrub your lips. This would remove the dead skin from your lips leaving it soft and supple.
  • Moisturize your Lips. Like every other exposed part of your body your lips lose their moisture too and hence need moisture supply as well. When moisturizing your face use it to moisturize your lips as well. The same things should be done while using sunscreens on your face.Use lip balms generously, as much as possible. Lip balms would not only keep your lips from drying but would also protect your lips from the drying effects cosmetic products like lipsticks, lip glosses and so on.Use good quality lipsticks of reputed brands only. Bad quality lipsticks would not only harm the health of your lips but would also discolor your pouts.
  • If your lips have already lost its color, use a pack of honey and lemon juice on your lips every-day. Keep on for a little while and rinse with water. The color on your lips would return slowly. It would also help in keeping your lips soft and supple if you apply a little honey every night before going to sleep and leave it overnight.
  • If you want to keep your lips pink in color, stay away from smoking. Smoking would make your lips lose its pink color and turn black.
  • Do not lick your lips. Your saliva would dry out your lips and make it cracked. It would not only look ugly but it can be very painful as well.

If you follow the above tips, you would never have to admire Angelina Jolie’s pouts since you would be too busy admiring your own.