The cricket world cup is back!

Along with it our extra hours of sitting in front of the television! Did you know an average world cup watcher could be adding up to around 2,400 calories per match -- more than many people need in an entire day!

Now if we were to tell you that you can enjoy the game and stay in shape at the same time without missing any magical moments of the game? Well it is possible with the amazing solution that we are going to provide you with! The idea is simple: to not let your fitness get lost amongst the pints of beer, takeouts & chips and instead use your game emotions to attain that toned body.

We are going to utilize all those emotions which are jilted in us when our team scores a four or a six, or when it loses a wicket or catches one. The same emotions which make you binge on unhealthy foods and drain you either way after the match is over. So, we've compiled some easy exercises you can do as you watch, from your spot on the couch. This world cup say bye to the beer belly & hello to the sport, pun intended!

Start with a little warm-up when the crowd is cheering and the players are entering the field.Get your blood pumping just as your brain jumps with the excitement of the upcoming game. Break that stationary body into these basic cardio exercises like Jumping jack for 30 seconds to release that excited energy in a healthy way.

Every time your team hits a four and you feel like jumping with joy, well just literally jump with joy and in process perform 4 star jumps

And every time your team hits a six and you feel like shouting and running around the house in sheer excitement just do full throttles shout out with 6 burpees.

We have something for fillers too: 10 Bench Dips for every time a wicket falls.

When your team is bowling and manages to get early wickets. Quickly do off 5 push ups for that induced adrenaline high and feel the victorious blood thumping in your veins.

A short squeal of joy for every 2 runs: lie down and do air bicycle for 10 counts.

For all those nail biting moments don't waste your time sitting and fretting instead get up & do walking lunges to ease off those wrecked nerves.

Ofcourse there are also times when a foolish move or a catchable catch gets missed and causes you blood to boil leaving you angry. Thus for these frustrating moments do 10 jumping lunges to cool off the steam!

After the match, don't leave without doing a full body stretch just so that you are not sore the next day. 

Now you can indulge in some fun exercising while enjoying your favorite cricket matches instead of gorging on unhealthy snacks and beverages, which will help you be in the best of shape in no time.  What else? you won't even feel bored as you actually end up enjoying the perspiration of a good game played. Here is wishing you & all the teams a great World Cup!