Dark circles is a perpetual problem faced by both men and women. Dark circles are commonly seen around the eyes, but some people also complain of dark lips and dark spots on skin. These not only hampers the looks of a person but also falters the confidence level of the person. Let's talk about the dark circles especially around the eyes.

What are the various causes of these dark circles?

1. Genetics: Genetics play a very important role in dark circles, if your parents have dark circles, there is a strong possibility of you also having some.

2. Diet: a deficient diet in terms of omega 3, iron and essential micro-minerals and vitamins also leads to dark circles.

3. Excessive screen usage: excessive usage of screens like mobiles , laptops etc leads to dark circles.

4. Lack of sleep leads to dark circles.

5. Sun exposure: lack of using protective sunscreens leads to dark circles.

6. Stress: In this age of stress and tension, this is also a major factor for dark circles.

How to remove dark circles?

1. Diet: a very critical factor is taking a balanced diet. Ensure that all the nutritional components are taken, even the micronutrients and fats, the quantity of micronutrients is less but is very important for the body.

2. Sleep: a proper sleep cycle should be maintained in addition to the time of the sleep.

3. Sun exposure: The UV  and the Infrared Rays of the sun re very damaging to the skin , it is very critical to apply sunscreen with a good SPF throughout the day. Sunscreen should be applied even if you are inside the house to protect from the infrared radiations. Sunscreen should be reapplied every 3 hrs. I strongly recommend medical sunscreens and people should avoid cosmetic sunscreens.

4. Limit your gadget usage to a minimum: Try controlling your urge to check your social media every now and then.

5. Dark circle creams: Various medical creams are available that work on the under eye area and help in decreasing the dark circles. Your cosmetologist/ dermatologist will see your condition and advise the right cremes for you.

6. Chemical Peels: The peels arena of the most effective ways to treat dark circles. Your cosmetologist / dermatologist will select the right peel depending on your conditions and advise you the best  peel. Usually few sessions are required to see the desired results.

7. Mesotherapy: Mesotherapy involves the  penetration of right medicines into the deep layers of the skin. Depending on what condition  you have your doctor will advise the right mesotherapy for you.

If you suffer from dark circle problem its best to consult your cosmetologist/ dermatologist for solution to your problems.