Travel often derails our health plans. Getting on a healthy diet or joining a gym gets indefinitely postponed as soon as travel plans come on the scene. Why health must be given second priority to anything.  Do you ever want your health to come in the way of your travel plans then why should it be the other way round?

Eating healthy while travelling doesn’t require a whole lot. All you need to do to stay on track is to plan ahead. Here are some easy tips to help you stay on track and eat healthy food while you are travelling the world for work or leisure

1. Choose healthy breakfast

 As we know breakfast is one the most important meal of the day. So, make a note of not skipping even if you are travelling. Here are some healthy options for breakfast meals.

  •  Oatmeal with low fat milk / skimmed milk:-Oatmeal contains healthy carbohydrate and fiber. You can add almonds and fruits it in order to make it healthier and good filler.
  •  Add a fruit to your breakfast: - Breakfast is the best time to grab a fruit. Choose from a whole variety of seasonal fruits available. Try the local fruits to get the flavor of the place you are travelling to.
  •  Cereal with yogurt:-Another option with non-added sugar cereal is yogurt. Not only it adds variety but it also provide adequate amount of protein in the diet.
  •  Sandwiches:-Cheese on toasted multi grain bread with a slice of cucumber or tomato can be an easy breakfast option that is easily available.
  •  Add more egg dishes-: Best protein source is egg which is healthy and filling. Go for boiled eggs/ poached egg/ omelets with multigrain toast.

 Options need to be avoided-:

  •  Pastries
  •  Crossiants
  •  Sugary dishes like donuts, bagels
  •  Avoid juices
  •  Restrict Tea/ coffee

2. Eat lighter and healthy lunch

There are more challenges come in our way for other main meals if you are travelling. Here are the lists of ideas/guidelines which will help you to choose healthier options even if you are in your travelling mode.

  •  Go easy with salads without dressings and different soups without added cream.
  •  Choose whole wheat vegetable wraps.
  •  Opt for different sandwiches like low fat cheese/ vegetable sandwich.
  •  Look out for fresh sandwich joints
  •  Go easy with grilled veggies / steamed veggies.
  •  Opt go for baked veggies/ grilled chicken/ pre steamed fish with sautéed veggies that has less cheese or white sauce.

Things need to be avoided-:

  •  Stay away from fried food items
  •  Avoid creamy rich vegetables.
  •  Skip French fried, burgers, cheese oriented dishes
  1. Snack time

There is a long gap between lunch and dinner so in between whenever your stomach grumbles, always grab fruits. While travelling try to make a small pack of eatables consisting of fruits, nuts and puffs so that it will be easy for you to carry and convenient to eat whenever you feel hungry.

  1. Lightest meal-Dinner

After a long day of hard work, it may be tempting to crave into some comfort food.  You can still have a delicious meal while making healthy food choices.

  •  Choose salads without dressing
  •  Choose soups without cream
  • Choose vegetables in grilled or steamed form.
  •  Go for lean chicken and egg preparations like hard boiled egg with veggies
  •  Whole grain pasta with tomato or broth base sauce is healthy

Things need to be avoided-:

  •  Refined products like pasta, bread, pizza
  •   Avoid  cocktails and  mocktails.
  •  Skip the bread.  Bread is meant to keep you busy while you wait for your meal, but it will add unnecessary calories.
  •  Stay away from processed meats, such as sausage, ground meat, or hot dogs.
  •  Avoid mayo, whole eggs, cream, sour cream and butter based sauces.

Hope these guidelines will help you while travelling. If you really want to be healthy and striving to lose weight, then along with guidelines put a check on the portions you eat. Take small portions and chew thoroughly. Always remember to check nutritional labels while buying the food items.