A healthy liver is the key to a healthy body. And often, we miss out on keeping our liver healthy due to various ill choices we make in our lifestyle. Some of them include irresponsible drinking, excess consumption of fats, and careless food habits that end up accumulating toxins in our liver. In this article, we are now going to discuss one aspect of your liver's health i.e. ways to deal with a fatty liver.

What is Fatty Liver?

The liver cells i.e. hepatocytes are responsible for various functionings to keep a body healthy. Some of these functions include bile production, cleansing of body while helping in the assimilation of fats. When we consume excessive amounts of fats, the liver finds it possible to assimilate and break down in one go. As a result, it tends to accumulate excessive fats in its cells - this, attaining a thick fat lining across the cells. This affects the functioning of the body and overall digestion system since the liver fails to produce enough bile needed for digestion. Coupling the same with poor habits like drinking and a lack of liver cleansing can get extremely critical for your liver's health. It ultimately leads into chronic diseases and is best avoided with Ayurvedic precautions.

Can Ayurveda Help With Fatty Liver?

Ayurveda has a knack to solve all things for human health as long as you adhere to a conscious lifestyle. A mixture prepared by mixing herbs like Kalmegh, Kutki, Triphala, Guggul, Chitrakmool, Shilajit etc., helps in breaking down the fat linings while protecting the liver from ill effects if drinking when taken regularly. Usually taken once before breakfast, the preparation is anti-inflammatory in nature and helps in detoxifying the lover and blood while simultaneously enhancing the cellular growth and tissue regeneration. Herbs like Kutki and Kalmegh is useful in serious conditions like Hepatitis C and liver cirrhosis.