The secret to energy after a ' No Sleep' night - ......... Much as sleep is important for well-being , sleepless nights are sometimes inevitable. 

Here are some tips to feel normal and energetic even after a whole night's sleep loss .... ............

1 ). Resist sleeping late . Even if you have slept for just 2 hours , keep to the usual wake up time ....this will maintain your body rhythm . 

 2 ) Expose yourself to sun on waking .....sunlight stops production of melatonin, the sleep hormone thus shaking you out of slumber . 

 3. ) A quick shower with hot water followed by a cold splash for a few seconds is extremely rejuvenating 

 4 ) Drink water and eat watery stuff .......cucumbers ,. water melons. , oranges. Coconut water , apples replenish necessary fluids and electrolytes. ..They also induce more urination resulting in a fresher feeling . 

 5 ). Avoid more than 2- 3 cups of tea or coffee . It may increase acidity and disturb digestion . 

 6 ) ). Eat less than usual . Smaller portions keep you active and prevent you from falling asleep at your desk. 

 7 ) Listen to vibrant , happy . music . 

 8 ) Walk rather than stand .....stand rather than sit ...the only way to reduce sleepiness 

 9 ) Too wired up to sleep the following night ? ,Get into bed at your usual time ...... Inhale for 5 seconds , hold your breath for the next 5 and exhale slowly through your mouth and say -. '" All is Well ". You will be fast asleep by the next count !!

Stay healthy @Dawda Clinic
Dr Alpa Dawda