summer sequel

Boy aged 10 years  complained of Abdomen pain especially in afternoons. Lady has severe headache which increases as day progresses. A Lady with Diabetes complains of severe tender feet. A 72 year old man complains of severe giddiness and feels disoriented. A Girl aged thirteen years is very dull and lies down soon after her school and has no interest in studies of late.Do you see any connection in all the above cases yes, you are right! It is due to effects of summer.

Summer brings in on array of consequences and I will not talk about all common knowledge. Still few things should be brushed up before we face another scorching summer. As Dr. Hahnemann says indispositions or small changes in health state, should be rectified accordingly. If it is severe then only medicated . Simple steps can rectify these complaints.

To fight dehydration people think it’s enough to drink tonnes of water but contrary to it, drinking lots of water makes you feel bloated and does not give you essential salts which are lost through sweating, visibly or otherwise. Staying indoors also does not give complete protection against sun stroke as you may have observed. Few people have a Fad of putting 'Drips' as they call it, in hospitals when they feel tired. If only when your system faces depleting of electrolytes- due to sudden severe loss, just like in Sun stroke or diarrhea then alone IV fluids needed or else it causes congestion of lungs and wheezing. It must not be by choice but only based on Doctors' advice and not otherwise.  Drink spoonful’s every one hour or so, liquids like glucose or sugar 1 teaspoon with a pinch of salt in one litre of water or ORS. This is as good as ‘Drips’! 

  • ORS prepared at home or electral
  • Fresh lemon juice
  • Lassi; buttermiilk
  •  fruits, cucumber,carrot,Tomato as it is
  • Tender coconut
  • Jeera water or jal jeera

Medicines like Kali mur 6X and Ferr Phos 6X or Nat Phos 6X can help to overcome effects of summer heat and prevent Diarrhoea. Kali Phos 6X, Mag Phos 6x and Calc Phos 6x along with above can be mixed with ORS and had every one hour once. Nat Mur 6X will help to alleviate prickly heat.  increase in temperature or feverishness as we say. Keep it cool this summer; as much near to nature as possible avoiding icy cold drinks, health will not be a major concern and you can enjoy to the fullest!!