When deciduous teeth get permanent successors, it becomes matter of curiosity for every parent as to how to take care of child's teeth.so common concerns heard are

1.Why do child's teeth damage so early?

A baby's milk tooth erupts normally at six months of age and eruption continues for another year

 In such cases following are some of the likely causes of spoiled teeth--

  • Not wiping of the teeth and cleaning mouth after the feeding leading to decay or rampant caries
  • Feeding in wrong method and direction leading to pigmentation and decay
  • Falling and hurting of the baby damaging the erupting tooth leading to pain and deflection in path of eruption of milk or deciduous teeth
  • Medicine ingestion detrimental to baby's teeth leading to destruction of homogenicity  of tooth surface and spots on enamel
  • Thumb sucking ,lip smacking and nail biting habits leading to malocclusion and furthur orthodontic problems
  • Respiratory disorders leading to mouth breathing habit hence open mouth and open bite in future
  • Acidity and gastrointestinal disturbances leading to weak teeth due to hypoplasticity of teeth

2.Why does the child crave for chocolate then?

 Toddlers and infants ,forget babies , too cant communicate the way a kid communicates .so if they are hungry then they will opt for the food that will satisfy the hunger pangs quickly and that is why they will prefer sweet like chocolates .So the ingestion of chocos becomes a fun filled activity and habit and one needs to keep a tab on it.

3. Its psychology baby, you need to pay attention to!!

Sorry to see when a toddler ,baby ,infant or young child has family neglect and is psychologically stressed or kids with brain disorders like seizures or febrile illnesses and the commonest dental problems is attrition and wearing out of the developing teeth 

So we need to change our psychology towards attending those cases by understanding thoroughly the cause

4. Very bad habit of poor prophylaxis!!!!!!!

As a parent it is our duty to make the child understand importance of teeth brushing twice a day and gargling. Baby wont understand so we have to keep baby's teeth clean by wiping. however toddler and infants can be made handling the importance of teeth brushing twice a day .TV advertisements ,cartoons and audiovisual inputs will help.

Err baby stop biting now!! and dont spoil your tooth

To summarise

Prevent the child from bad parafunctional habits like teeth biting ,cheek biting ,lip smacking ,finger biting ,thumb sucking  and nail biting

Attend the child to his illnesses and try to solve them to prevent damage

Correct the malocclusion to prevent furthur damage to the teeth

Good eating and oral care habits needed