How to boost child immunity in winter-  

Winter season is a natural phenomenon and human bodies are capable of adapting and surviving winters. There is no need to panic in the house. One of the major reasons of many children falling sick in winter season is shockingly not the cold weather that winter season brings but it is the panic and over caution that most of the parents exercise. Parents just need to take basic precautions like avoiding chilled food items in winter:

  • Make sure that your child is probably hydrated by making your child drink enough water.
  • Secondly, eat healthy (lots of fruits and vegetables), sleep good and exercise. 
  • Don’t overprotect your kids – let them play outside when they play in mud and dirt they are exposed to various microorganisms which help to build their immunity. Don’t restrict their movement and outdoor games.
  • Give fruits rich in vitamin c- like berries and citrus fruits which helps to build a stronger immune system 
  • Avoid too many medicines and antibiotics 
  • Walk or play in sun in the morning. Exposure to the sun helps in the production of vitamin D which strengthens your immune system.
  • Reduce sugar intake.