Appetite stimulants may be effective at improving food intake and promoting weight gain. Sometimes a short course of appetite stimulants can help restore normal appetite. Discuss this option with your doctor if you think you need more help with an appetite problem. Megestrol acetate (Megace) is an appetite stimulant that has been used for many years to improve appetite in people with HIV. Studies of Megace in HIV disease have found that people do gain weight, although most of the weight gained is fat, not lean tissue. In spite of this, food intake increases and people feel stronger and more able to be active which will eventually restore lean body mass. Megace is a drug that mimics the female sex hormone progestin. It should not be used for a long period as it may affect the levels of other hormones, testosterone in particular. Marinol, a derivative of THC (the active compound in marijuana), decreases nausea and sometimes increases appetite but has not been found to be that effective at promoting weight gain in people with HIV.

The side effects are sleepiness and impaired ability to think clearly, which some people find unacceptable. Taking it at night may decrease these side effects and make it more tolerable. Marijuana is effective at treating nausea and increasing appetite. Smoking or eating marijuana prior to meals and snacks increases food intake, but the food choices may not always be the healthiest. Planning ahead can ensure that the appetite-stimulating effects are used to the best nutritional benefit.

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