Winters are back, rather partially on the way. Days are shorter, and nights are longer.

When winter hits, cravings for comfort foods increase. And unfortunately, few of us find comfort in sprouts salad or fruits! Lets understand why-

Winter Food Cravings

Cold weather triggers a self-preservation mode that sends the body a message to heat up fast. And that message is often played out as a craving for carbohydrate-rich foods — the sugars and starches that provide the instant “heat” boost your body is longing for. Here comes our role…yes, the dietitian’s role…

“If we’re not exercising, our appetite increases, and ultimately that means we’re eating more and moving less — and that’s a disaster plan for weight gain.”

Control Your Winter Appetite

You can take control. With a little bit of planning, you can keep your life and your appetite in perfect harmony all year long.

Snack healthy

Eat a high-protein, high-fiber snack between meals whole wheat cracker, cottage cheese or tofu or soy crackers with lot of seasonings like oregano, garlic, ajwain etc Healthy snacking will fuel your body’s heat mechanism, helping keep you warmer. The warmer we remain in cold, the less we crave carbs.

Make your activity schedule

Grab a pen to paper and list all the things you did in summer, then write a corresponding list of winter activities you could do. Not only does exercise burn calories, it also affects brain chemicals linked to appetite, so it can help control how much you eat.

Create Low-Calorie Comforts

If you know you’re going to crave those wintry comfort foods, find lower-cal ways to do it. Steamy pizza with veggies and a whole wheat crust, a bowl of vegetable soup, cocoa with non-fat milk — be creative in cutting calories while keeping the comfort.

Get a Daily Dose of Sunshine Vitamin

If you think your food cravings may be related to shorter days, try to spend at least some time outdoors in sunlight every day

Keep a Lid on Disastrous Winter Foods

Hey please keep out of direct eye view the sinful Ghackas Rewaris and peanuts too, as they rightly say…Out of sight…out of mind..!