With Summer vacations around the corner, often travel becomes a nightmare. Change in place, climate, water and a lot of other factors affect both adults and kids and result in TRAVEL DIARRHEA. The most sensitive and affected part of your body is the stomach - which has to go through a lot of binging in vacations. Just by being a little vigilant about tiny things we do while travel, we can be free of travel diarrhea.


  1. Consume boiled water as much as possible rather than regular drinking water.
  2. Consume ICE only when you are sure its made of clean water.
  3. Drink at least 4-6 ltr of water daily.


  1. Eat completely cooked food which is served hot.
  2. Avoid eating stale food.
  3. Wash fruits & vegetables thoroughly with clean water before use.


  1. Wash your hands frequently with soap & water.
  2. Avoid touching your hands on mouth, nose & eyes.
  3. Keep hand sanitizer/ handwash handy while traveling.

By being vigilant about these small days to day things, you can have a hassle-free trip with your friends and family. Keep these in minds and share the same with people around you so that everyone can benefit from the same.