How the pollutants in the air can affect adults in Delhi 

Enough discussion had been held on how air pollution has a noxious effect on humankind. Yet we don’t mind breathing in polluted air and don’t change our habits to reduce our carbon emissions. Living in Delhi, we have no option for the former argument but we can definitely do something about the latter one.

On a different note, do you know how much air pollution can affect you other than the regular uncomfortable life you had been living past days? Let’s have a quick look:

  • Eye irritation 
    Eye irritation has become increasingly common in Delhi with the rise in pollution and smog levels. It occurs due to drying of eyes by pollutants and particulate matters in the air. Wear glasses when going out and wash your eyes with clean and cold water at regular intervals. If irritation persists despite taking precautions, you may need to see your doctor.

  • Can worsen pre-existing medical conditions
    Adults with pre-existing lung and heart problems can face difficulty with increased levels of pollution, especially during winters. A person with any such condition should always wear a face mask while going outside and avoid going to over polluted places and construction sites. See your doctor regularly as you may need to increase/alter your drug doses.

  • Hinder oxygen transport
    Polluted air contains harmful gases like carbon monoxide which bind with haemoglobin in blood in place of oxygen. This phenomenon can reduce the oxygen-carrying capacity of the body and cause problems like easy fatigue and hasten the ageing of the body.

  • Cancer
    When we breathe in polluted air, it is equivalent to passive smoking. Common air pollutants include:
    - particulate matter,
    - sulphur particles,
    - and other toxic particles from different industries.
    These particles trigger oncogenes and cause cancerous growth in the body. Most common cancer caused by pollution is lung cancer which is highly metastatic i.e. easily spreads to other body parts.

  • Infertility
    Pollution is known to have deteriorated human fertility globally. Enough evidence is produced to prove that it affects the sperm count, motility, and morphology. Infertility due to pollution is also prominent in females. It is linked to early menopause and even ovarian cancers.

The seriousness of the condition is still to be understood by the people of Delhi. You need to understand that even minor health conditions can prove to be fatal eventually. Therefore, it is important to consult specialised doctors in case of any uncomfortable medical condition.