Stress, worries, tension, and anxiety are like shadows that have revolved around you forever, perhaps even now at the verge of your retirement. Thinking of dropping those dark shadows and spending a stress free, active and peaceful life ahead? Try Tai Chi exercises, it will benefit you in more than one ways.

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese form of exercise that is often used as treatment to cure heart diseases and prevent falling, particularly in Parkinson's patients.

  • According to the University Of Maryland Medical Center, tai chi helps seniors feel more steady on their feet and improves hand and eye coordination. It also serves the purpose of daily exercising by strengthen muscles and increasing flexibility.
  • It serves benefits for both body and mind. This gentle aerobic exercise de stresses your mind and eases depression. 
  • The slow and steady movements in tai chi reduces stress and produces mental calm. 
  • This form of exercise involves deep breathing and standing meditation which helps to focus consciousness, restores energy and body balance.

Along with body and mind balancing tai chi has the following benefits on health:

  • Cognitive Aid: Tai chi is shown to have positive effects on cognitive performance and memory. It has helped people suffering from early dementia or mild cognitive impairment.
  • Cancer: It certainly does not cure cancer but it does benefits cancer survivors. It restores function, strength and energy, helps people deal with symptoms and reduces pain.
  • Boosts Immunity: It improves immune function especially in seniors.

However, Tai Chi and other physical exercises may be beneficial for your health but you must consult a doctor before you begin. Click here to contact a doctor.