Politics over drinking water?

Water is Life.

Jal Hai To Jeevan Hai

This article is being written from Delhi where we are debating about quality of water in Delhi Vs Mumbai ( the best so far )

Since the time I Remember, years ago water from the taps was ' Treated'

Earthen pots were filters years ago.

Earthen pots served as cooling agents too without relying upon electricity.

Next were Water Filters along with a tap & these devices had layers and layers to filter water before it reached the tap for us to drink.

These days every household is dependent upon RO water.

Boiling water does kill germs but it is expensive & Not practical.

What to do?

Which is the best method to get Clean Drinking Water?

Chlorination is done in water lakes & swimming pools.

Chlorination is Not Safe for Drinking water.

Besides leaving a bad taste after drinking chlorinated water, it carries lots of side effects.

Do Your Own Purification According to the needs.

Single person can afford to boil water.

A family can rely on filters.

RO Method does lead to wastage of equal amounts of precious water.

Never Take the risk of drinking water as it is, direct from the tap.

It is all the more dangerous if water is taken from a bore well.

Earth can Contaminate this water with everything it has, including synthetic pesticides, extra minerals & waste materials etc.

Make Use of an Elixir of Life in The Best Sterile Way to Avoid Diseases Like Cancer.