One of my patients, let’s say, Mrs. X, had complained of sever multi-joint pain since several years, which kept on shifting all over the body. She had tried different doctors, different approach, Home remedies but none of them was effective.

To her surprise, she was almost 90% recovered just within 12 physiotherapy sessions.

Now how is it possible?

The body has an amazing ability to repair itself after illness and injury. When the requirements of health are appropriately provided, the self-healing mechanisms of the body attempt to restore and/or optimize health. These requirements are Healthy Diet, Healthy Environment, Activity and sleep, Positive mindset and proper treatment. 

About the patient, During physiotherapy assessment, along with physical problems, I also notice that she was having very bad eating habits. She was not feeling hungry but she uses to eat chips, junk food & cold drink. She stopped her evening walk after the pain started. She was mentally stressed because of this. She was always thinking about her pain, always talking about her pain, taking dozens of medicines for different reasons. This causes a decrease in her activities, appetite which further deteriorated her condition and social life. During treatment, all the above points were taken into consideration. 

This is just a sample case. There are many people around us who lost hope of cure because they have forgotten one thing, that our brain has enough atomic energy to build any of the world’s major cities many times over. The brain is a sensory organ, much like the skin. How we perceive pain influences how bad that pain feels. So we can feel tense with emotion and this tension can add to the physical pain. The brain is the most powerful organ. Although we all have a hugely powerful potential offered by our brain, we spend very little practising our thinking skills. Acute pain is important to alert us to the danger. Chronic pain may be a long-term habit of that sensation. The brain can shut pain off with practice. It is hard to channel this power in a right way on its own. So for that, physiotherapy is of great help.

How does physiotherapy help?

Relaxation, breathing control exercises and massage assists the patient to express emotional pain, leading to relief of physical pain. Electrotherapy helps patient to decrease painful sensations, improve nerve and muscle function. Ultrasound, laser, heat-cold &andis initiated. Diet advice was given to provide necessary nutrition to the body for healing and energy. 

One of the best ways to calm the mind is to move the body, so exercise is combined with relaxation techniques. Correction of postural and gait abnormalities which are often seen reflecting physical or emotional trauma or both.

What should you do to help physiotherapy in getting relief from chronic pain/tightness/injury? 

The first step is to stop self-medication and experimenting exercises. 

  • Observation and appreciation – observe and appreciate small changes that are happening within the body through exercises, relaxation and treatment towered healing. 
  • Patience and willingness - allow the body time to heal during treatment. 
  • Believe in treatment plan formulated by a physiotherapist and be committed to it.

A physiotherapist will help you to understand your body function. The more you know about how your body works, the better able you are to make the choices necessary to enhance both the quantity and quality of your life!