Weighing to a lot of people is almost the same as brushing. One must do every day, first thing in the morning. This kind of obsessive behavior sometimes might interfere with your weight loss results, especially if you are trying to lose weight.

It is recommended to weigh just once a week for accurate results. Our weight fluctuates somewhat from day-to-day, sometimes several times within the same day. Daily weighing can lead to discouragement and de-motivation from your weight loss efforts.

But if you can’t let go of your habit then remember the following tips while weighing yourself -

- Fluctuations in weight are normal. Hormones & some other factors also control our weight. Don’t get discouraged by these daily fluctuations. Best way to deal with it is avoid weighing yourself daily.

- Monthly variations especially among women around the menstrual cycle are normal.

- You are exercising but your weighing scale doesn't say so. Even if you are exercising and losing weight but it’s not reflecting on your weighing scale could be attributed to the muscle weight. When you exercise, you're building metabolism-boosting muscle, which means that while you're burning fat you may also be surprisingly heavier on the scale.

- Sometimes weight loss is more than some number on the weighing scale. You can weigh the same but still loss inches or have a lowered body fat percentage. Don’t get hung up on weighing yourself as the ultimate measure of your fitness. There are more progressive ways of measuring your fitness results.

- A balanced diet and an exercise routine is the only secret to weight loss. Lastly, if you must weigh yourself then set a routine in place. Make sure you weigh yourself at the same time each day to limit fluctuation in your weight measurement