For men who are affected with Erectile Dysfunction (ED), have relief in allopathic medicine as well as in Ayurveda. Some people believe that prescription drugs are ideal for achieving the desired result immediately. But there are also people who go for natural health supplements that are based on Ayurveda. It is proven that ayurvedic medicine does not come with any side effects and it treats the root cause of the problem and provides a long-lasting solution.

So, for those who are faced with ED, Ayurveda provides both physical, as well as herbal treatments and provides cure. Most of the remedies are focussed on the healthy habits that they have to follow in their daily life. You must always have a balanced diet. Else, the same food will cause havoc in the form of Erectile Dysfunction in men. Hence, men need to take food supplements so that they get the necessary vitamins and minerals that will help in achieving erection while sexual intercourse.

Men who are affected by this problem are advised to consume garlic. It is good for your stomach and also develops a sex drive. It also helps in the secretion of hormones and helps in achieving an erection. Apart from garlic, you can also consume oysters that are rich in zinc. This will help in achieving the erection and also increases the sperm count.

It is also ideal to introduce fruits in your diet which will help in achieving the erection. Watermelon is ideal as it contains several vitamins and minerals and it will open up the blood vessels. Hence, the blood will flow to the penis so that erection is achieved. Mangoes are also ideal as it contains B12 which helps in erection. Blueberries are also ideal as they area natural aphrodisiac.

When you consult your sexologist he will recommend you with Natural Health Supplements that will help you in curing erectile dysfunction.