Often we face problem with unwanted fat accumulation in some specific areas of our body that are hard to get rid of. Stubborn solid fats in and around our waists, stomach, hips, love handles are often resistant to exercises. Controlled diet and hours of rigorous workouts only add up to our frustration. Liposuction can be answer to all these stubborn body fats.

Thinking of liposuction, we are may feel a little bit skeptical. We know that it is an invasive procedure that comes with some amount of discomfort. But is the discomfort really worth taking? How much fat can we get rid off through this procedure? Questions like these will certainly bother us. This article is a small initiative that can clear your doubts and mold your expectations related to liposuction and fat loss.

The amount of fat loss through liposuction depends on various factors like the area of the body from where the fat is to be removed, the health, age, body structure and expectation of the patient etc. However, from the medical perspective and as per the widely accepted standards, not more than 6000 ml which is nearly 12lb of fat/fluid can be extracted in a single session. It must be noted that 12lb of fat removed from the body does not mean that the patient will lose 12lb in a single session. 12lb of fat, blood and body fluid will be extracted from the body.

What if more fat is removed is a single session? 

Removing more than 6000 ml of fat at a single session may lead to serious life-threatening consequences. Though there have been significant improvement in the techniques of liposuction in the last decade; still removing more fat at a single go will cast adverse effect on the health of the patient. ‘Over-sucked’ patients may have ugly lumps or hollow dimples on the ‘sucked’ area. Patients who undergo extraction of fat beyond the recommended standard in a single session may experience infections, reactions related to the use of anaesthesia, formation of blood clots and seromas (small pockets formed due to the accumulation of blood and fluid), dehydration-induced shock and so on.

Can liposuction help to achieve an hour glass figure?

Liposuction can definitely do a lot in sculpting a perfect figure. Extracting excess fat from the love handles, tummy and waist may lead to a perfect figure. However, this entirely depends upon the body structure of the patient and the amount of removable fat in the body. Some people who have a wider waist structure may not benefit much from liposuction. Liposuction works on extracting fat from under the skin but cannot rectify the bone structure. The doctor is the best person to answer all queries related to liposuction and having a perfect figure. A thorough examination needs to be conducted before opting for liposuction. Consult a liposuction expert to know about the chances of getting into a perfect figure.

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