Many of us like to look at the number of pages a book contains before we start reading it. We guess the same psychology plays out when we want to lose weight. We want to know how much and for how long do we need to work for before we get the final results.As we all know there are no shortcuts in life but who’s to say there aren’t more efficient ways to reach the finish line? And that’s exactly what we are providing you with! Super effective and efficient exercise information which will make those extra kilos melt away.WHO says that a routine exercise involving 45 minutes or more can lead to proper weight loss, while we agree with that statement we also know that different exercises have different burn rates and help reduce different amounts of calories. So it’s time to concentrate on the most productive answers to the What, When, and How of exercise!We have prepared an abridged version of what it takes to lose weight and get that dream body. Below is a list of popular and common exercises which can be done by absolutely anyone in order to indulge in focussing weight loss.

Brisk Walking: It is a low impact exercise, which does not cause any sort of stress injury. For people with obesity or heart issues, walking is an easy and effective way to start exercising. Walking will help you get fitter and help with reducing the symptoms of your health issues. It also helps in refreshing the mind. Brisk walking for 45- 60 minutes can help you lose up to 225- 360 calories depending on your weight. If you can continue this routine of daily brisk walking for 45- 60 minutes, you can lose considerable weight in a week.

Swimming: It is another low impact exercise which has high output in terms of calorie burning. A one-hour swimming session can help you burn around 400 to 700 calories. It helps not only in weight loss but also helps in toning the body. It actually works on the whole of your body and helps you condition and strengthen the body. It is very useful for people suffering from arthritis, obesity, and other musculoskeletal conditions. An interesting fact about swimming is that when your body is immersed in water, your body is only bearing 10% of its weight, but the water provides 12 times the resistance of air, making it the best condition for strengthening and toning your muscles.

Cycling: Another fun low impact exercises with high output for losing weight. When you cycle for one hour you can burn 372 to 1100 calories depending upon your weight, speed and the path you choose for cycling. When cycling you end up getting a full workout which involves strengthening your lower body and getting a good cardiovascular workout. It also helps in speeding up your metabolism.

Running/ Jogging: It is a high impact exercise where you can burn up to 600 calories in one hour depending on your weight and speed. It helps in strengthening the bones and connective tissues. It also helps your heart beat at a healthy rate which in turn prevents heart diseases, strokes,and certain cancers. Just remember to wear a good pair of shoes in order to save your joints from unnecessary strain. 

Jumping rope: It is another high impact exercise which can help you burn around 800 calories in one hour. It strengthens and tones your arms, legs and core. It also strengthens the bones and joints. It also helps in enhancing coordination, agility and stamina.
Step Aerobics: It is a super effective low impact workout where you are indulging into a good cardio session. A 45 minutes session can help you burn around 550 calories. It helps you tone the muscles of the legs and hips. Even your core gets a good workout and it helps in improving coordination. Step aerobics involves cardio routines that take the aid of an elevated platform.