In today’s technology savvy and jet speed lifestyle, stress and tensions become part of our lives. However, you cannot afford to reflect all that stress on neither your looks nor your health.  The world has become very materialistic and judgmental to comment about you just based on your looks. So it becomes important to maintain good looks and personality to maintain a good public image. In addition, your looks, personality and health are the key factors that let you keep in pace with your career, your family, your friends and other relationships.

However, when we talk about looks we cannot miss on the topic of health as they both go hand in hand. They are a kind of relationship, which has to be mutual. You cannot have either one of it alone. Because on one hand looks represent your outer persona the health takes over for your inner persona and if you are not healthy you do not look good and looking good without being healthy is also meaningless. 

So both these things are inter related and inter dependent. Having good looks along with being healthy is important and for that, one has to be taking regular and diligent efforts. There is no short cut to looks and health and even if ones opt for taking the short cut then there should be preparation in the background to face problems in the long run.

What is the point of looking shortly beautiful and then regretting those moments for the rest of your life? So better, go for a plan take may take time to show results but those results to have long run benefits.

However, when we talk about looks we cannot miss on the topic of health as they both go hand in hand.

If you wish to look good by looking slim and trim and for that you go on fasts and start eating only protein products or if you opt for weight reducing pills then you my friend are ruining and exploiting your body.

Trying to reduce weight is good but the method for it matters even more. The basic things you need to do is cut down on oil, spices, foods with high calories and sugar.

Another thing that needs to be taken care of is a balanced and regular meal. You should have a meal with proper amount of carbohydrate, proteins, fats and vitamins and all these meals should be taken at proper intervals.

All you need is some more care and love for your looks as well as health.