It is challenging for parents to go through a high-risk pregnancy. From the moment they are told they have a high-risk pregnancy, they are scared and worried about the well-being of their baby. The mother’s health is also at risk in such pregnancies.

But in the contemporary world, medical sciences have improved much and with state-of-the-art facilities, it is easier to deal with such difficult pregnancies given the parents cooperate and adhere to the routine visits and checkups recommended by the doctor.

The requirements of a high-risk pregnancy are different than that of a normal pregnancy. Therefore, the pre-natal visits also differ.

A normal pregnancy demands 1 visit a month in the first trimester, 1 every 2 weeks in the second trimester, and once every week for the last trimester. But in a high-risk pregnancy, the number can double up. In fact, it can go even up given the condition of the mother and baby.

Regular tests need to be done to ensure that the baby is alright in case of high-risk pregnancy. The number of visits isn’t set in these pregnancies because each case is different. There’s no hard and fast rule.

The best way is to Consult a Specialist and experienced gynecologist and to stick on to the routine recommended by them.

It must also be noted that tiny things like an inactive fetus for a considerable period of time is more dangerous in high-risk pregnancies than in normal ones. Therefore, such cases should be treated with utmost care and visits must be made to the doctor regularly or updates must be sent to them.