Egg yolks are a part of your breakfast, at times they make an occasional entry into your dinner. The versatility of the eggs has been one of its most popular features in the cooking world. Apart from this, eggs are a storehouse of nutrients.

Eggs are a source of high-quality protein. Proteins help repair muscles, manage blood sugar levels, give immunity and strength and assist in weight loss. Eggs are also filled with Vitamin D which is a must for strong bones and teeth.

While eggs are considered as one of the healthiest foods, egg yolks have been under the radar for quite some time. Sometimes it is said that egg yolks are filled in cholesterol and thus should be consumed.

There are multiple myths revolving around the egg yolks, and as it comes out not all of them are genuine. Egg yolks have a fair amount of nutrients too. Egg protein is greatly bioavailable and both the egg whites and the yolks assist muscle building.

Eating egg yolks can provide you with many health benefits. Here are some of them:

Egg yolks have a crucial concentration but does that straight away take a toll on your heart, is not conclusively confirmed. One needs to know that unhealthy LDL blood cholesterol is increased more by saturated fat content present in the food than eggs. Thus, one can have their eggs with the yolk. Besides, anything in excess can prove bad for your health having 5-6 eggs every day with egg yolks is certainly not the best of the idea for your overall health. Though it is perfectly safe to have 3-4 yolks per week.

Egg yolks are also one of the most concentrated sources of choline, a critical component of acetylcholine. One of the brain’s vital neurotransmitters. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, a proper supply of choline is specifically important, since choline is vital for normal brain development.

Besides these egg yolks also contain vitamins A, D, E and K, and Omega 3 fats. When compared to egg whites egg yolks also are high in folate and vitamin B12. Egg yolks also have antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin that helps protect eyes from age-related macular degeneration.