Does it have eyes & ears?

Does it Bite?

Does it Look Like Jadoo /PK or some Alien from Space?

These are some of the innocent queries from equally unaware but innocent patients.

Coronavirus Is Just A Cell With Protoplasm and Nucleus, carrying DNA/RNA

Viruses are one among 4 microbes which are Not Visible to the Naked Eye

1) Viruses are tiniest among Microbes ( Dengue, SARS, Swine flu virus, etc)

2) Next are Bacteria ( typhoid, cholera, etc)

3) Parasites ( our food-pipe have enough of them! 

& Malarial Parasite is Transmitted through Mosquito Bites. Human to human transmission is Not Possible)

4) Fungi ( look at the moist bread left in the kitchen during rains & whitish-green patches)

Though Edible fungi are Mushrooms.

The virus is a Cell-the Unit of Life having Protoplasm+ Nucleus+Thick Wall As a Covering

This Cell like Other Units of Life does have DNA/RNA

Difference between Corona Virus & other Viruses is the covering 

Wall is thicker than the wall of other viruses.

 It is physically larger and harder with a thick skin (the reason that it tends to stay longer on surfaces !)

It Affects the Host through Thick Mucous Droplets but its infectious range is Lower than other viruses as its mass affects the distance it can travel before giving in to Gravity.

Coronavirus can travel only a few meters.

Other viruses like Measles & Chickenpox are much lighter and remain Airborne on tiny surfaces & travel faster all Alone/ along with Dust Particles

Why should you wash hands with Soap & Water after touching surfaces?

Imagine the oily utensils in your kitchen

It is difficult to get rid of Oils on the surfaces & more soap & water are used to make utensils shining bright to be used again.

Soap & Water Kill this Virus Faster than Sanitizers.

Since Coronavirus has a Thick Wall, which does not get broken by routine dis-infection using Spirit/Savlon/Betadine etc, 

We Have to use Soap to Break its neck and kill it by breaking the thick wall covering this cell.