Fluoride has not only remarkable chemical qualities but also has physiological properties of great interest and importance for human health. Fluoride has been described as an essential nutrient for normal development and growth. It is this affinity with mineralized tissues which explains how fluoride can strengthen the teeth and prevents or heal dental caries.

People who are at high risk of having caries would benefit from more fluoride application. 

How you can use fluoride: 

Protection from caries results from the continuous presence of fluoride low concentration . Optimal concentration of fluoride each day at plaque or enamel interface and saliva will help minimize the risk of caries.

  • Toothpaste
  • Mouth Washes
  • Tablets & Drops
  • Fluoride gels

1.  Toothpastes 

Fluoride is added to the toothpastes in following forms:

  • Sodium fluoride
  • Sodium monofluorophosphate
  • Stannous fluoride.

 Low fluoride toothpastes 1000 ppm should not be used in areas where water supply is not fluoridated as they greatly reduce caries prevention effect. 

2. Mouth Washes 

Mouth rinses are of two types:                  

  • Daily use (0.05% w/v neutral SnF2*)
  • Weekly use (0.2% w/v neutral SnF2*)

Parents benefits from prescription of daily fluoride use:

  • Patient with orthodontic treatment rinse can reduce demineralization around brackets.
  • Patient with hypo salivation due to medication of those congenital absence of major salivary gland
  • Children with medical problem
  • Children with active dental caries
  • Fluoride rinse cannot be recommended for children before eruption of permanent incisor

*SnF2: 0.63% stannous fluoride oral rinse is an antimicrobial rinse. Indicated to help manage periodontitis, sensitivity, and plaque accumulation. It relieves tooth sensitivity, reduces gingival inflammation, promotes remineralization, and is alcohol free.

3. Fluoride Gel 

  • Stannous fluoride treatment gel in methylcellulose and glycerin can be used at home.
  • For remineralization of white spot and hypomineralized lesions of enamel contains 1000ppm fluoride and 3000 ppm stannous.
  • Small amount is placed on cotton bud and applied to dry tooth surface.

4. Fluoride Tablets & Drops

  • Tablets : in dosage of 0.125 mg , 0.25 mg , 0.5 mg fluoride
  • 5ml oral drops = 0.1mg fluoride 3

Dosage of these supplements has to be calculated according to age of child, weight of child, dietary pattern, presence and absence of other preventive measure.



  • Brush the teeth
  • Removal of plaque before using fluoride
  • Place thin ribbon of fluoride gel in upper and lower tray
  • 0.4% stannous fluoride and 1.1% sodium fluoride
  • By using cotton applicator tip, spread thin film of gel on tray
  • Set the tray for 5 minutes
  • Remove the tray thoroughly and expectorate the fluoride

WARNING: Do not rinse, drink, and eat for at least 30 minutes.