Pregnancy during the Coronavirus pandemic has raised a lot of questions. Pregnant women are at risk of acquiring the infection due to their altered physiological and immunological functions. Additionally, pregnant women in their last or third trimester and women with comorbidities (diabetes, high BP, obesity, etc.) are at the highest risk of this infection. 

In today’s video, I have answered questions such as:

1. Being pregnant, am I more susceptible to Covid-19?

2. Is it safe to visit the gynaecologist and how to schedule these visits?

3. Can I transmit the virus to my baby?

4. Is there a higher risk of miscarriage with COVID-19?

5. Is it safe to breastfeed my baby if I have COVID-19?

Watch the full video to get answers to other frequently asked questions about pregnancy during COVID-19.

Do not panic and talk to your doctor if you have any further concerns.

Stay safe, stay positive!