In today’s world, when you go to meet someone casually, or for an interview may be, the first thing that people will notice is your looks. The world has become very shallow; here your packaging matters than the content. And looking it positively we can make out that one doesn’t get to know about your inner beauty until he comes to talk to you or spend time with you, and to do that your looks should be capable of bringing people to you.

For maintaining this good look and personality you need to take efforts. You don’t need to take too many efforts so as to look like a supermodel, but some simple things and precautions to get a good look, a good personality and a healthier, prettier you!Focusing initially on the looks of your face, you don’t need going to parlor every now and then or continuously applying tons of makeup on your face. You need to wash your face at least four times a day with a face wash, the one with natural ingredients.

Then resort to simple makeup like cream, powder, natural mascara, some lip gloss, simple accessories. For hair care, apply oil before washing and don’t use conditioner very frequently, and comb your hair at least twice a day. Don’t be stressed, it reflects on your face and body.

You don’t just need to look healthy but also feel healthy, for that the first thing you should start with is some yoga and meditation for 10-15 minutes along with your daily work out of at least 30 minutes. Working out doesn’t really help if along with that you keep eating like a baby elephant. You need to be on a healthy diet, not the starving diet.

The important thing in diet is to eat, but eat less and eat in regular intervals of like 2 hours, and whatever you eat should be less of oil, fat and spice. Don’t cut off on anything, just reduce the quantity, as everything is essential for body, the body even needs fats in proper quantity but not more than that. And try to eat salad, sprouts, and juices whenever you’re hungry. Also chew your food properly and try to avoid processed food as far as possible.

Following these simple things you’ll not look good but will also start feeling good. And when you feel good, only good things will happen with you. Also keep smiling, that’s the best way to look and feel good.