Mothers often tend to aggravate their child’s symptoms. A mild cough becomes “my child is constantly coughing”, one uneasy night due to a blocked nose gets translated into “my child never sleeps peacefully” and one incident of a viral infection is “my child is always falling sick” and sends moms scurrying to doctors for treatment.
I can say this with so much conviction because I’m a mother of two grown up kids. And thank God for that! Because when they were young, my life revolved around their noses and their tummies.
Little children’s noses are always an issue of discussion. Reason? They are more prone to infections of the nose, sinus, and ears, especially when they are young.
Children’s sinuses are not fully developed till their late teens. Because of that, sinusitis in children is difficult to diagnose because symptoms similar to sinusitis can be caused by other problems also, like a viral infection or even allergies. But if your child shows symptoms for more than let’s say a week to ten days, a sinus infection may be the cause.
Look out for the following symptoms in your child:
•    Your child has cold that refuses to go with a bad nasal blockage lasting almost 10 days
•    Low-grade fever with the cold
•    Sore throat and nausea
•    Heaviness in the head, usually children above six can express this symptom, younger children will just become cranky and irritable
•    Swollen/puffy eyes
These symptoms could indicate to an inflammation of the sinuses, also called Sinusitis. Since this is an allergic ailment, precaution is the key. And the first and foremost precaution is reducing exposure to known environmental allergies and pollutants.
Conventional medicines would include anti-allergens or antibiotics that can help to reduce symptoms. In acute cases your child’s medical history of infections and allergies can also be considered to understand the problem. But can these medicines treat your child completely? Forever?
What you need to know is that at the end of it all, allergies attack people with low immunity. And children stand at the lowest rung of the immunity ladder. So building immunity can be a good way to treat a young one’s health problem without any medication and the side effects of long term medication.
Salt therapy can be a very effective therapy in treating symptoms of sinusitis in children with no medicine and no side effects. Salt inhaled by your child will cleanse his/her nasal passage, clear the sinuses and restore normal breathing. And above all enhance body immunity.
So what are you waiting for? Give your child healthy sinuses with salt therapy!