Rio Olympics 2016 would be remembered for a mystery spots seen on gold medalist swimmer Micheal Phelps's body. Later revealed that those spots were from the Chinese therapy "cupping". Unaware of this technique media and people started comparing cupping to doping. Cupping is very effective in pain management and for muscles recovering from fatigue.

Cupping Technique:

Cupping is an old Chinese and Egyptian traditional therapy where heated  glass cups are applied to the body, which create vacuum and increase the flow of energy into the body. This energy heals sore muscles and fatigue after heavy exertion.

Now a days ,in place of glass cups therapist have started to use plastic or vacuum pumps.

Micheal shared his cupping pic on his Instagram account.

What medical science have to say about cupping:

Medical science works on scientific data and evidence, currently there is not any data or study which can relate cupping to the treatment of a disease. Although cupping is considered to be a safe alternative to other methods or supplements used for recuperation of the body after heavy workout.

How cupping works:

Nobody has a fixed answer to how cupping works, some say it increases the blood flow of the vessels around the muscles, some say it reduces the stress by pulling the muscles upwards.

Types of cupping:

There are two types of cupping. 

  • Dry cupping - uses heated glass
  • Wet cupping - involves suction as well as controlled bleeding

Cupping might be useful in:

People suffering from herpes zoster, cervical spondylosis, acne and facial paralysis might get relief from cupping. It is also helpful in reducing pain and stress. Cupping helps the body to recover faster from fatigue.