Mouth ulcers are painful small lesions that appear on the cheeks, gums and tongue.

They could be annoying causing us disturbance in eating and speaking.

Generally these Mouth Ulcers appear as 3 to 6 episodes in a year lasting for about 7 to 10 days each.

Have you ever wondered what could be the reason to it?

The most common reasons for a mouth ulcer are malnutrition, stress, GI tract disturbances, consumption of spicy and acidic food stuff, dehydration, frayed toothbrush bristles, poor oral care and certain medications taken for systemic ailments.

From the above mentioned reasons it should be clear that it could treated as well as prevented.

My Personal Experience

Advising my patient on Vitamin B Complex and nutritious diet such as Greens (Manathakkali /Solanum Nigrum, Black Nightshade) and non vegetarian food like Goat's liver meat has provided proven results of healing within a couple of days.

Topical analgesic gel provide soothing effect on the healing ulcers.

In certain GI condition the bacterium Helicobacter which causes ulceration of GI tract causes ulceration in the oral cavity too.

Certain medication given for systemic ailment can cause mouth ulcers.

These medication may be replaced with an alternative drug by the concerned physician.

Toothbrush bristles when found frayed are to be replaced.

However, when it comes to treatment ruling out the cause for ulcer plays a key role.

How Do I Differentiate between a Mouth Ulcer and Cancerous Ulcer?

Time factor as to how long the ulcer lasts is key to differentiate between a common mouth ulcer and cancerous ulcer. 

Generally common mouth ulcers last to about 7 to 10 days. 

They appear white and are few millimeter in size except the ones from viral infections wherein a group of ulcers might seem as one large lesion and are painful. Whereas cancerous ulcers grow in size as well as they appear red and white.

When should I consult My Dentist?

It is better to consult your dentist if the ulcers are not healing for more than three weeks.

Home Remedies for mouth ulcer:

  • Avoid spicy foodstuff
  • Drink plenty of liquid and stay hydrated
  • Use warm salt water for gargling
  • Consume nutritious diet

Apply analgesic gel advised by your dentist.