Babies under the age of one, won't be able to actively participate in all the festivities, but will be captivated by the sparkling lights, decorations and the music of the season. Toddlers are still too young to really understand what festivals are all about, thought they love participating in family traditions. Your baby can still celebrate Diwali, but perhaps in ways that are appropriately scaled down to match her age and temperament. 

Here are a few things you could try:

  • Hang small colourful paper lamps or torans and other decorations in your baby's room where she can see them.
  • String up some multicoloured fairy or 'rice' lights; she will love watching the changing patterns.
  • Try making a small rangoli with watercolours near your baby's room. She'll enjoy looking at it, especially if she has started crawling or walking.
  • Depending on her age, you child may even try making her own rangoli. You could allow her to use organic colours or flowers.
  • Toddlers may also enjoy creating a colourful Diwali artwork with some help from an older sibling or parent. Cut small pieces of several brightly coloured papers and let your baby stick them on a sheet of paper. You could then cut the paper in a shape of a large diya, frame it and hang it outside your door.
  • Your baby could also finger-paint little clay diyas with water colours. But, do remember to wash her hands well after the painting session.
  • If she's walking about, your little one may also enjoy placing floral garlands at the door or putting rose petals in the puja room.
  • If she's fascinated by the fireworks, let her watch for a while from a window, glass door or balcony. This way, she will enjoy seeing the fireworks from a distance, and be away from the noise and pollution.
  • Don't forget to buy your child something special. 

And finally, do not forget to record these memories!