How a Small Cavity Can Lead to a Severe Toothache if Not Treated at the Right time

Generally, patients do not realize that the initial onset of the tooth decay is painless, mostly a chalky white spot. This is spot sometimes spreads even further or may get reversed depending on the person's oral hygiene habits. Once the cavity spreads to the dentin it should be treated by cleaning and filling it with a suitable material. If left untreated it will definitely go on spreading until it reaches the nerve bundle called as the dental pulp. This will allow the bacteria from the outside to enter the pulp and irritate it causing sensitivity and lingering pain to pressure, cold and to heat. These symptoms suggest that the pulp is irreversibly inflamed and irreparable. The process of removing this pulp out from the tooth and its roots and filling up space back with an inert medicated dressing is called as  "ROOT CANAL THERAPY".

The best thing to do to avoid root canal therapy is to clean out the cavity before it reaches the pulp and it starts to pain.