Holi – the colourful festival is here. Can you ever imagine the world without colour? A research published recently recommended that colour should be the one factor that you should consider when you pick a fruit or vegetable for yourself. According to this study, Mother Nature helps you identify foods with specific nutrients based on the colour that the nutrients impart to the food itself.

Coloured foods are said to contain phytonutrients, which are the plant compounds that can help you stay in good health. Based on the colour of the foods, you can gain different nutrients that may put you in the driving seat as far as health and well-being is concerned.

On this festival of colours, here’s what coloured foods can do for you for your health.

Each color of different foods adds different nutrients that are beneficial to your body. To get your array of color try these different foods:

Orange & YellowThese foods are high in antioxidants such as Vitamin A and C which can improve your immunity and your protection against oxidative stress which causes variety of diseases such as heart disease, stroke, cancer etc. They include oranges, pepper, mango, carrots, lemon, papaya, pineapple, and pumpkin.

Blue & PurpleThese foods often contain a phytonutrient called anthocyanins, which can help improve your memory and reduce risk of cardiovascular disease. These include eggplant, grapes, plums, raisins, blueberries, and prunes.

GreenGreen foods contain the green pigment known as chlorophyll and are also high in essential nutrients such as folic acid (folate) and carotenoids (precursors of Vitamin A)  to help improve vision and reduce risk of disease. These include spinach, brocolli, asparagus, fenugreek leaves (methi), mustard leaves (sarson ka saag) and celery.

RedThese foods contain anthocyanins and lycopene, both the heart friendly compounds. These include tomato, red pepper, apples, strawberries, raspberries, cherries, beets, watermelon, and pomegranate.

WhiteWhite is a colour too that can add health. White coloured foods are said to contain nutrients such as alicin which can help promote heart health and reduce risk of disease. These include cauliflower, onion, potato, banana, garlic, and mushrooms.

So, including a rainbow of colours in your diet can make your food colorful and your cells will thank you! Stay blessed & Live Life More!