The Benefits of an Ancient tradition

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic tradition ("Kavala" or "Gandusha" Graha) that  involves swishing your mouth with a tablespoon of vegetable oil on an empty stomach, the first thing in the morning for about 15 - 20 minutes.

Which Oil do I use?

Any vegetable oil will do the trick but benefits have been seen with cold pressed(Virgin) Gingelly (Sesame ) and Coconut oil that can be bought off the counter in major departmental stores.

The process

Take a tablespoon of the oil and swish it around gently in the mouth. The initial days may be difficult to get used to the taste and the feeling of a full mouth but keep at it and you will start to see results. 

How much time do I have to swish?

15 minutes is the minimum but you can stretch it to 20 - 30 minutes.

What are the benefits?

From personally performing this for the last four years I can see the following changes

1. Improved Gum Health

2. Lesser Throat infections

3. Whitening of the teeth

4. Lesser staining from coffee and tea deposits

Some patients of mine have reported a change in skin tone as well as a general feeling of well-being

How does it work?

The oil acts like a magnet, pulling microbes in the mouth towards the oil droplets and thereby helps in detoxifying the oral cavity

When do I see results?

It is different for each individual and could take anywhere between 2 weeks to a month

Personal testimony

I have been an oil puller since 2004. I tried it to find an alternate way out of a persistent throat irritation that was causing phlegm accumulation. In two weeks the irritation cleared and has never recurred since. After three months of use I found my teeth getting whiter and ever since I have been advising my patients to start this low cost, effective way of ensuring good oral health