Does signing up at the gym seem like a herculean task? Maybe regaining your energy levels by actively participating in daily chores can help you finally get on with your life and get fit. Interestingly doing basic chores at home or office can help you burn off those calories and help you get more energetic. Here are a few basic chores to get started with:

  • Wash your car: Well, it takes 15-20 minutes to do it but will warm up your body and get the blood rushing, gives a start to your day. You will also burn around 80 - 100 calories and save some money too
  • Dusting the house: Keeping your house clean can help you burn approximately 210 calories an hour. So  put on some music and get started on your spring cleaning!
  • Cooking food: Touted as one of the most therapeutic hobbies cooking is a lot more than a stress buster. You can burn up to 140 calories per hour but spending time cooking healthy delights
  • Use the stairs to escalators: The oldest and the most popular calorie burning technique can help you burn 300 calories per hour. And if you add a grocery bag to this activity the calorie burning count can go upto 520 calories per hour! All this climbing and walking also helps in shaping up your legs
  • Walk when you talk: Literally be mobile whenever possible, walk around the room or the gallery when you talk over phone. Will give you a break and of course and burn a few calories too.
  • Get coffee & water: It doesn't take much time to walk up to the water cooler or the coffee machine and get a mug full for yourself. It would help you loose 70 calories at least.
  • There are many other ways to burn 70-500 calories a day. These are few bonus calories that you can burn anywhere irrespective of being at a gym or a field or playing a sport. Look around and check for what other activities you can add to your daily movements.