How does it work?

  • Heat 

It increases blood flow to the affected area providing oxygen and nutrients to aid the healing process and restore movements

  • Cold

When cold is applied it causes blood vessel to constrict, this can help minimise damage and thereby reduce amount of repair required.

How do I apply?

  • Heat 

It should be applied to the affected area where the pain is felt. it can be used before exercise as a part of warm up where previous injury has occured

  • Cold 

It should be applied to the affected area as soon as possible after injury when pain is felt. treatment should be continued until all swelling has subsided (can take up to 72hrs)

When should I use?

  • Heat
  • Stiff aching Muscles.
  • Muscular Back Pain
  • before exercise (for muscular aches and pain)
  • Cold 
  • Sprain, strain after injury
  • sharp shooting muscle pain

It is believed  - that in acute cases i.e 72 hrs - 100 hrs after injury - ice / cold should be applied,

cold patches, cool pack, ice bag, frozen ice can be used intermittently on the skin surface.

continuous usage of ice in any form can lead to cold injuries, so avoid keeping ice for duration for more than 10 min (take break for 45 sec between)

HEAT is more effective if applied in chronic cases, or long standing pain - like osteoarthritis, frozen shoulder etc.

Heat treatment is usually being performed by skilled physical therapist in form of hydro heat form, hot water fomentation, infrared light, UV light etc.