Homoeopathy is widely accepted alternative medicine which was discovered in late 18th century. Homoeopathy believes in philosophy that mind body and emotions are integrated together.On the basis of this philosophy a Homoeopath provides remedy which best suits to the physical and psychologial condition of the patient, the main purpose is to recognize and remove the cause behind the condition.

People hold many misconceptions about Homoeopathy, 

Following are some myths-

1 Homoeopathic remedies work slowly- many believe that homoeopathic remedies cure your medical condition very slowly. Fact is it works very fast on conditions such as cold cough fever even, when symptoms are chronic it requires time to heal, the main reason behind is in chronic condition body takes time to cure from within.

2 Remedies are prescribed by doctors with no Formal Training-Many believe that medicines are prescribed on visible symptoms and no Diagnosis is done, fact is these remedies are prescribed by qualified medical graduate from Homoeopathy medical college.

3 Homoeopathy is not scientific- Many consider homoeopathy as unscientific, However the base behind homoeopathy are pharmacology and clinical data with proved law and principle, vast studies and research have been conducted on Homoeopathy and its treatment.

4 Homoeopathy can cure any disorderSome strongly believe that Homoeopathy can cure any disorder, Fact is if the symptom similarity is present and choice of remedy is perfect it can palliate some irreversible and Terminal disorders but cannot cure, even homoeopathy is not effective in surgical cases.

                                                                                                                                Dr SHRADDHA SHINDE.