Homoeopathy has known to be a boon for acne and pimples if you don't want to harm your skin with steroids and other harmful local application in conventional Allopathic mode. 

It is always advisable to visit a Homoeopathic Doctor for the same but for reference, I am writing few Homoeopathic medicines along with their indications. 

  1. BOVISTA30 - Every 6 hours - acne due to the use of cosmetics, worse in summers.
  2. KALIBROM 30 - Every 6 hours- acne, pustular eruption on face, chest, shoulder, leaves scars mostly in young fleshy person.
  3. ANTIM CRUD- 30 Every 6 hours. Cannot bear the heat of the sun. The tendency to grow fat. Pimples, pustules, and boils on face.
  4. BERBERIS AQUA- 5 drops every 8 hours. Pimples, blotches, dry, rough skin. May clear the complexion.
  5. JUGLANS R-30 Every 8 hours. Comedones and red pus filled acne that itches a lot. 
  6. CARBO VEG-30 Every 6 hours -acne in young person skin perspires a lot.