Hot weather in the west, east, south and central US; just walk outside and you’ll see why experts are saying the heat index is reaching dangerously high levels. Since hot weather can lead to many unwanted symptoms, this heat wave encourages us to take a closer look at homeopathic remedies for the symptoms of heat and hot weather. 

Here are four tips on how to use homeopathy for summer heat and first aid – so make sure you keep them handy this summer! 

Belladonna in your pocket - Flushed faces, sudden spikes in temperature, throbbing headaches, dilated pupils, dizziness. Belladonna’s relief reads like a case of heat exposure. Headaches too! Headaches are often the first undismissable sign of too much heat. This combination covers both sudden or slow onset headaches and a diverse range of pains and triggers.

Ferrum phos – with redness, minor fever and fatigue as leading symptoms, this iron phosphate single leads the way to a speedy recovery from a day in the sun or any time a boost is needed. 

Bioplasma, Tonic Tissue E and Hyland’s Bioplasma Sport (which includes electrolytes), you can take cell salts before a hot day to help prepare your cells, during an event in your water bottle and /or after to discourage symptoms of fatigue and recover more quickly. 

Please note: Heat symptoms can quickly extend beyond self care. Thus it is always best to start first aid measures and consult a licensed medical professional when fevers run too hot or too long or if any symptoms present with severity. 

Key homeopathic remedies for heat:

1. Belladonna – This one is hot! Hot fevers, hot throbbing pain, hot to the touch, hot face, hot temper, hot spots, hot throats, hot ears, hot teething gums, hot flushes although hands and feet are probably cool. That’s hot and restless– restless sleep with grinding of teeth, restless with hot but minor fevers, restless with pain and a restless desire to escape. Belladonna is definitely a must in every family’s medicine cabinet and first aid box.

2. Cantharis – The sunburn remedy can help the body ease the effects of minor burns including, pain and blistering symptoms.

3. Ferrum phos – Whenever redness, heat, throbbing, weary fatigue or low fever suggests the first stages of irritation or illness, including the effects of too much heat or sun, common colds, bronchial irritation, congestions, irritated gums, minor joint pains or skin eruptions, you can always call on Ferrum phos. As ‘lack of prominent symptoms’ is on its list, Ferrum phos is handy when you just don’t feel quite right.