A corn is a tough thickening of the outermost layer of the skin that is frequently subjected to friction, like the skins of our soles or palms which can be single or multiple. If skin is repeatedly exposed to friction and pressure is vulnerable to corns, or very high-heeled shoes, use of hard footwear, dancing barefoot can cause corns. 

People whose work involves long hours of writing, weight lifting, carpentry or jewellery making are susceptible to developing corns on their fingers and palms. 

Patients of medical conditions such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and obesity leading to poor blood circulation in the feet, are at greater risk of complications arising from corns such as bleeding and infection. 

The conventional method of treating corns involves surgical removal. But this is not a permanent solution, as corns recur frequently. Nor does it prevent more corns from forming in the same or other areas. Pedicures and home remedies like cutting or trimming corns with a sharp instrument, aggravates the condition and can result in unnecessary injury.


Corns do not recur once treated successfully with homeopathy, on the other hand, it offers a safe and long-term remedy and assures a permanent cure. Painless and effective homeopathic treatment involves only natural medicines taken orally in the form of pills, making it easy to administer. There are no side-effects either.